Project Description

Artfully organizing and associating complex data

The website design combines logical site navigation and strong graphics and heuristics to help site visitors quickly find the information they need. The interior page designs provide for multiple types of content including abstracts, author citations, reference lists, embedded PPTs, and videos. Custom development and architecture organizes the large volume of information and deftly creates multiple data associations sitewide.

Intuitive search tools for website visitor and administrators

The Wing Institute has a small staff so they needed a website that was easy to administer. The new website’s admin area includes multiple databases which are programmed to allow adding a record to multiple pages. Search features help administrators locate pages and resource materials quickly. New research is added with ease.

Outreach tools

An important task is keeping the Evidence-Based Education community apprised of the latest research.  A robust blog on the website provides SEO for the website and content for the organization’s newsletter.

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