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Customized Ecommerce Experience

We don’t have packages for our ecommerce website development and marketing services because each client has a different story. And we want to tell yours. We ask you questions, we listen and we create a plan to meet your specific ecommerce website needs.

Our sweet spot is looking at the big picture. This includes your ecommerce business concept, company branding, website, and marketing. The full customer experience throughout the buying journey. Just need a website? We can design and develop a site, quickly and on-brand.

Your Roadmap to Ecommerce Success

Start with a
Marketing Plan

Begin with the end in mind, define goals, and plan for success.

Establish a

Distinctive, memorable and connected to your buyers.

BlossomHive retail store + Shopify set up + 100s of products +
Digital Marketing + Automation and Emails + Dropship

Develop Your Website

We start by helping you select the best ecommerce platform for your specific needs.

Design Your Website

Looks do matter. Our designers use the best UX and graphic design principles to appeal to your audience and make sure your ecommerce site is intuitive and easy to use.

This professional services client, Manex Consulting, needed to accept payment online for their training programs. Keeping the design consistent with the rest of the site and making it easy for visitors to understand the key selling points was the top priority.

Child Start event purchase and calendar + WordPress with Woocommerce + membership rates. + mobile first

Standard Ecommerce Features

We help you set up a site that is easy to shop and even easier to make a purchase. We also include tools to help promote your products, create brand loyalty, and simplify maintenance:

  • Payment system selection and setup
  • Post-sale customer communications
  • Pop-ups and notification bars
  • Customer service chat
  • Shipping strategies and setup

Custom Features

To increase sales or make a complex purchase process simple, we add in customized features.

  • Custom product search based on specific calculations
  • Self-service quotes for b-2-b sites
  • Restricted access for b-2-b pricing
  • Spec sheet downloads based on entered values
  • Side-by-side product comparisons
  • Product demo videos
  • Membership levels and pricing
  • Site usage agreement with cookie expiration
  • Complex purchase rules for multiple product orders

If we haven’t mentioned a feature you need, contact us and we’ll make it happen.

Beemer Industries sells only via the website.

Features include Industrial Product specing + custom calculators + dealer accounts + mobile-first design.

Marketing Your Store

Drive Traffic

  • Search Listings (SEO)
  • Social Media Strategy and Posting
  • Online Ads and Retargeting
  • Email Marketing and Automation
  • Video
  • Social Campaign
  • Email Campaigns
  • Customer Surveys
  • Ratings and Reviews

Not Just an Ecommerce Website

Ongoing Support to Help You Build Your Ecommerce Business

  • Analytics Tracking and Analysis
  • Secure Web Hosting
  • Software Maintenance
  • Recommendations to help you adjusts weekly, monthly and annually to meet your goals.

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