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for growth


We help optimize a customer’s journey to smoothly order / purchase your products. This goal is at the core of our customized website digital marketing programs.

Manufacturers need to:

  • fill the sales pipeline with qualified leads
  • recruit and retain a skilled workforce
  • educate customers on why their product is unique or better
  • support customer service with a modern order portal
  • facilitate secure internal communications
  • integrate eCommerce applications to optimize customer experience
  • stay ahead of competitors
  • be responsive and keep dealers informed and incentivized
  • support dealers with marketing tools to sell multiple product lines
  • embrace new tools for online sales
  • drive traffic to online and brick and mortar storefronts


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Trends in Manufacturing:


B2B customers now want to buy direct online.

90% of buyers

start their search on Google.

61% of people

have a better opinion of your company when you offer a good mobile experience. (view source)

Developing New Markets

Trade Show Tools to Start the Conversation

The Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance educates county engineers on the benefits of using steel in short span bridges in lieu of the more commonly used concrete. Meeting engineers with the right educational resources, face-to-face is essential to starting the conversation, and the conversion.


Inbound marketing is helping us move the needle on customer engagement.

2019 was a record year for us. Placemaking Group’s help implementing the SEO and Google Ad program was invaluable.”

– Gene Russell, CEO Manex Consulting

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