Project Description

Park View Community Campus - Home

A strong sense of brand

The new Park View website uses modern, relatable imagery that evokes a strong sense of caring people and a compassionate place.  Graphics are used in various ways to show the facility’s unique continuum of care.

Intuitive and user-friendly navigation

A fresh navigation plan better reflects Park View’s residential offerings. It was designed to offer website visitors multiple ways to access helpful information.

Horizon Award Gold

Placemaking Group delivered a modern website… and on the promise to fulfill our expectations with sincerity and professionalism.”

-Eric J. Walthall, Director of Marketing

Supporting Talent Recruitment

With a low unemployment rate in the region, a primary function for the CCEDC is to help local businesses attract and retain qualified talent. Highlighting  natural sports that abound in the area – such as hiking, fishing and boating – and the relaxed and wholesome lifestyle was very important for the website. Our design incorporated large beautiful outdoor images along with business recruitment specifics.

A special focus on staff recruitment

Website engagement is encouraged with an on-site job application tool. Additionally, an events page provides a colorful, visual overview of activities on campus. Typography is large and clean throughout, making it easy to read for all ages.

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