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Getting found on
search engines

Showing up on page one of search engines generates quality traffic to your website.

But getting on page one for the important keyword searches can be a challenge. By using both organic search engine optimization (SEO) and paid ads on search engines, this obstacle can be overcome.

The search engine trends and algorithms are continuously changing, so keeping up can be a full-time job.

Placemaking Group optimizes clients’ websites and combined with SEO and digital ads, we increase leads leading to business growth.

SEO Process

You will benefit from our years of work with search engines, resulting in a process for increasing the chances of a good placement on the major search engines and directories.

We start by researching where you come up on the search engines for your top keywords and how you stack up against your competition.

We then update content using the priority keywords. We also utilize activities to increase your ranking such as blog writing for trends and timely news, social media posts, white papers, video, and special landing pages.

Benefits of SEO

  • A well-optimized website with relevant content will cost effectively drive new traffic to your site.
  • More qualified prospects will find your site, thus reducing the sales cycle time.
  • You will reach a larger audience for your products or services.

Search Engine Advertising

When the organic search results are hard to penetrate with usual tactics, using paid ads allows you to show up exactly where potential customers are looking for their products or services.

A major benefit of search advertising allows search queries to promote your offerings, rather than bombard the user with unwanted information. A more effective and cost effective strategy.

The paid and organic search work together for effective lead generation.

SEO and Ads Generate Leads

Visibility Increases Leads by More Than 3x

Targeted keywords and website strategy help Manex to connect with customers and prospects to support their business growth and success.

Is your website built to be found?

The major search engines use various methods for cataloging web pages, and the HTML on your web pages should be designed with this in mind. Include only keywords, title tags, and alt tags that are relevant to your website to get the best results.

Maintenance is key

By keeping your website fresh you will maintain a good search engine position. The goal is to update the content on a regular schedule. We can make this a turnkey process.

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