About Dianne Newton Shaw

I’m Dianne Newton-Shaw, a principal at Placemaking Group. I love what I do which is providing web development, ecommerce, and web marketing services that power small business. I also focus on creating the right content to engage customers — this is the fuel that drives engagement. Case studies – written and video formats – are great examples of relatable, shareable content. There is a lot that goes into making these two things happen, from strategy and defining the customer journey to defining what marketing tactics will most influence an audience.

Current Trends in Health Care Content Marketing

Health Care Organizations Use Content Marketing to Reach Target Audiences Content marketing’s use in marketing outreach is growing, especially in service-related industries such as health care. This marketing trend increases credibility and visibility. How?  By offering health care and wellness information that people are looking for from a trusted resource. Here's a look at how content marketing is growing as [...]

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