Whether you are looking to get leads for your product or service, or trying to attract quality talent to join your organization, these online advertising tips can give you a distinct edge. Organic listings on search engines or posts on social media can take along time to get results and get seen.

A common question from our clients is:

Will online ads generate leads for me, quickly?

Here are some online advertising tips to make your digital ads more effective.

  1. Define your goal

Whether it’s building brand awareness, lead generation, increasing job applicants, event signups or something else, define the goals of the online advertising campaign (click for our list of services).

  1. Fine tune your messaging

Once you’ve decided on your goals, create messages that include a call to action designed to encourage people to do things such as buy your products, visit your website, apply for job openings, fill out a form, or download a white paper.

  1. Know your audience

By identifying and familiarizing yourself with the audience, which can be done with using a journey map process, you’ll be able to correctly target the campaign and increase the chances of getting a good response. Some online advertising allows you to narrow the campaign directly to your audience, so it’s especially important that you understand their profile. Google Ads lets you target by keyword search, and location, while Facebook lets you target by age, gender, and interests.

  1. Decide where to advertise

Google Ads, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, and LinkedIn are some online platforms to advertise on, click for more about social media advertising. You will want your ads to show up where your audience is when they make buying decisions, so choosing where to advertise will depend on your audience’s profile and what platforms they frequent. Some platforms offer a free credit or discount to new advertisers who want to try them out.

  1. Think About ROI

For the campaign to be successful, you want to bring in qualified leads without breaking the bank. This goes back to planning and effectively targeting your online advertising audience.

BONUS – Get Professional Help with Online Advertising Tips

Figuring out the world of online advertising can be overwhelming and confusing. If you are unsure how to begin, or need help developing an ad budget, contact us to set up your online advertising campaign. We’ll put you on the path to a campaign designed to help you achieve your goals.

About the Author:

Hey, I’m Dianne Newton-Shaw, a principal at Placemaking Group.  I love what I do which is providing web development and web services that power small business. I also focus on creating the right content to engage customers — this is the fuel that drives engagement. There is a lot that goes into making these two things happen, from strategy and defining the customer journey to defining what marketing tactics will most influence an audience.

I certainly don’t do this alone – I work with a very creative creative director, a customer experience expert, an amazing programmer, graphic designers and a cadre of videographers, content writers, social media strategists to bring this client work to life. For more about my background visit our team page, or connect with me on LinkedIn.