Here is one idea for a custom holiday card that can help you connect with your clients, customers, or prospects and have some fun. As another crazy year comes to end, we like to focus on how we have helped our clients succeed in their journey, and show our appreciation to all our business partners and colleagues.

The holidays are traditionally a time where we all get to celebrate in person, but when we can’t, this type of card can help us feel more connected. We created the moving card in an explainer video app,  We are sending the video in emails to all our contacts. The video is a small, quick gif that only takes a minute to watch and inexpensive to produce.

In this custom holiday card, we created digital versions of ourselves to send a message that felt more personal and fit the idea of building community and connection. A lot of us, in all areas of business, are all still meeting virtually and chatting through email and texts, rather than in person. So it is important to let our clients and contacts know that we are working together on a common goal and that their success is important to us.

Sending a sincere message to your valued business partners during the holiday season can help you form and maintain lasting relationships. You can thank them for their continued support with a note of appreciation this year by using a more personal approach like:

  • a customized animated greeting
  • a printed card with photos of your team
  • a video greeting featuring your team in a virtual meeting grid.

Here you go – Let’s celebrate you!

Creative holiday card for email

If you are interested in how we can help you show gratitude to your clients or customers, reach out to us and we’ll give you a free consultation.

About the Author:

I’m Jannah Lyon, the creative director and graphic designer for Placemaking Group with a focus on Website and Interactive Design.  I keep my pulse on all things design that relates to small business marketing.

For more design ideas and a sample of projects I’ve completed visit our portfolio page, or connect with me on LinkedIn.