The use of mobile devices, especially smartphones and tablets, is exploding. With this growth and the lightning-fast evolution of equipment and human behavior, accessing the Internet on the go is the standard practice for people of all ages and from all industries.One of the key considerations for companies and organizations is how to improve their clients’ and customers’ user experience as they shop, play, navigate, read, watch and learn.

How to Use Mobile

Oakland City Center mobile siteAt the Placemaking Group, we help our clients first understand how best to present their product via mobile devices, including how critical mobile access is to their audience.  Our goal is to understand why users visit a website using a mobile device — what they are trying to do, and the content and functionality they are using.

To get there, we use website analytics to track website usage patterns. This helps us to determine what customers and clients will most likely need when they are mobile, the devices that they use and then determine the best approach for going mobile. The best approach may be an official iTunes or Android mobile app, or simply the use of responsive or adaptive website design or a mobile version of a website instead.

Mobile Apps

Official apps are created separately from a website. They can require considerable programming investment in many cases but may be the best route in many instances.  On the flip side, mobile versions of websites are universally accessible, less expensive to develop and maintain, and can be searched and accessed by most mobile devices.

User-Centered Design is Essential

This includes taking into consideration small screens, creating graphics that will render well on smartphone and tablet, keeping navigation simple and understanding the priority information and actions for mobile users, and the features and functionality required. We also take into account the constraints of mobile devices as well as connectivity issues.

Free Analysis of Your Website

Request a complimentary 10-point review of your website. We will look at how well your website conveys your brand, how easily visitors can find your contact information, effectiveness of your call to action, technology issues and, more.