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Easy-to-Use Content Management Systems

ELFcp_FAThere are many reasons to include a content management module on your website. First, there is the ease of making changes by anyone with no need for web language experience, giving you the ability to keep your site current without great expense on a regular basis.

Second, using a content management system (CMS) allows for easy integration of content into other systems, such as a mobile website or as a feed for other pages on your site or in social media.

We develop several kinds of content management systems. The right one for you depends on your company’s or organization’s needs and budget.

  • Custom PHP “ELF” CP: A flexible and, in-the-end, simple system for the users and developers.
  • Drupal: An open source content management system that can be customized with modules. Best for use when there are large numbers of people who will need access to the administration of the website.
  • WordPress: Can be developed into a full website (not just a blog), but there are some limitations.

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