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The rest of the ABCs of SEO…Video, White papers, eXternal links, Zero flash pages.

Video: Google gives bonus points for video, but use it sparingly on your site. Most visitors won’t watch unless there is a compelling reason. Something fun, interesting, insightful, visual, educational. Video can help ranking and drive traffic to your web site if you post on social media sites and provide entertainment to the visitor. If the videos are good their links will be forwarded to others, driving more traffic to your site.

White paper: One way to get more keyword density is to write a white paper and post it. Also visitors love the free information. You could possibly get them to sign up and give you their email in exchange for the white paper. But remember, it must be informational and not sell.

(e)Xternal Link Building: Also known as Back Linking – Links coming into your site. As mentioned above make sure you are posting on a well-ranked blog or a reputable and relevant outside site. Examples: Placemaking Group listed on the PRSA web site of top 100 agencies.

Why isn’t my site showing up when I search Google? There are many potential reasons but one likely reason is that it can take up to 6 months sometimes for search optimization activities to filter through Google. Also some keywords are very competitive and you might be better off using other marketing tools or focusing on special niche markets to drive traffic to your site.

Zero flash pages: Search engines need to find html text to determine if the site is of interest to searchers.

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