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The Pros and Cons of using Social Media for marketing.

My colleague at Placemaking Group, Dianne Newton-Shaw, got me thinking about how to use Social Media during a conversation yesterday.

The important point she was making was that Social Media is a tool. It is not a rescue vehicle.      You have to have a reason to use each element of it. That means first you have to know what your goals are. Goals that are long term are important, but even short term goals are essential.

Social media can be overwhelming (not can be — is).  How can you figure out how you can (and/or IF you NEED) to use social media to market your business, product or service?  Here are a few tips:

First, remember, whatever you do or don’t do, you need to stick with your key messages, in all communications. We’re talking about using Social Media as a set of marketing tools. So, you have to make sure your keywords are included.

Also, stay true to your key targets.  Do they read or watch or listen to items posted on social media sites?  Do you even need to go there?  Do you already communicate regularly with them, in an effective way?

Here are two great blogs postings on the positives and negatives of using Social Media…

PRO by Chris Brogan:

CON by John Mariotti:

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  1. Lexi Whaley

    This is super interesting and quite a relief to read. I sometimes feel so overwhelmed with social media that I just completely stop using it for a while, but in a business you can’t really do that. You have to find the balance like you were talking about and making sure the audience you’re targeting or paying attention. Otherwise you might just be wasting your time! Great point Dennis, Thank you!!

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