John Branca

John Branca

Senior Programmer

John Branca’s extensive experience in back-end IT technology and over 20 years of programming means Placemaking Group’s web projects are ahead of the curve. He pushes the boundaries of what can be done with our clients’ web sites. An experienced web site programmer with an engineering background, John Branca has worked in both start-up companies as well as Fortune 500 companies and the military. His programming skills have been put to use on everything from multi-level e-commerce sites and robust sales databases to formulating and enacting network security and disaster recovery plans.

At the Placemaking Group, John handles the design and creation of the back-end of our clients’ web sites, implementing customized programming solutions. His expertise includes: LAMP development and administration Object-oriented programming (OOP), and content management systems (CMS) in PHP, Ruby/RoR and Microsoft’s .NET. He’s also passionate about creating open source solutions with Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla. Additionally, he has a very strong SQL background in MySQL, MSSQL and PL/SQL.

Prior to working with the Placemaking Group, John led a successful career as the CIO and senior software engineer at Pacific Sun Industries, Inc., where he developed and managed the information systems infrastructure that led to the company’s successful sales growth from $15 million to $45 million. This stint followed the earliest days of his programming career in the Bay Area working with a medical transcription contractor and also at positions where he fulfilled his lifelong passion for music working with sound engineering and recording software.

John grew up in Berkeley and Portugal (Europe) then attended the University of California, Berkeley where he studied cognitive neurology and computer science. John is a certified Microsoft and Oracle professional. When not programming you can find John on a hiking trail or playing volleyball in his league.