Dennis Erokan

Dennis Erokan Dennis Erokan

From 2000 to 2005, as director of the Alliance of Chief Executives, Dennis worked closely with 50 of the 250 members, gaining valuable insight into the strategic issues and marketing challenges that many companies face. Today, he applies this essential knowledge directly to client programs and projects.

A pioneer in niche market publishing, Dennis created BAM Magazine  in 1976 to give the West Coast entertainment industry a way to reach young people at a reasonable cost. An innovator from the start, he made BAM  the first publication to be distributed free at point-of-purchase in retail outlets throughout California. In 1978, Dennis founded the first Bay Area Music Awards, more commonly known as the “Bammies.” He produced the internationally recognized awards program for 27 years, which attracted over 6,000 music industry leaders annually.

In 1984, Dennis launched MicroTimes. This magazine focused on the heroes in the computing industry instead of the endless descriptions of electronics and became the nation’s largest regional computer magazine with a circulation topping 200,000 when sold in 1999. When not producing for work or pleasure, Dennis contributes his time and talent to a number of organizations including teaching Public Relations at St. Mary’s College of California and serving as a board member for the Berkeley Playhouse and the Pleasant Hill Chamber of Commerce.

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Are audiences glazing over, or worse, falling asleep when you give a speech? Do you need help organizing your presentation? Are you scared to speak in front of groups? Dennis Erokan provides fun and effective speaker coaching. Call 510.835.7900 ext. 203, or click here to schedule your speaker coaching appointment.


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