Social Media Marketing

Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Everyone from consumer product companies such as Victoria’s Secret and nonprofits such as the American Cancer Society, to big corporations like Pitney Bowes are using social media to connect with their audiences.

With the wide adoption of social media networking, the ground rules of marketing communications have shifted. Here’s the new reality. If your clients or customers “live” on Facebook, you need to push content via Facebook. If they use YouTube as their primary search engine, then you need relevant video content there. To network with business people LinkedIn is the place to be.

Start to Finish Social Media Marketing Solutions

Every social media marketing program should be created with a goal in mind, be it increasing website traffic or promoting a specific action, with the ultimate goal of generating leads and sales. We’ll get you started with a social media marketing program, streamlining the process and working with you to reach your goals. Learn about the services we offer, here »

Whether it is social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, or other interest-specific online communities such as or, people are communicating in a myriad of interesting and interactive ways. For companies and business people, the question is, “How can I use social networking in my marketing program?”

Twitter and Facebook Consulting

We work with you to set up accounts, manage Twitter and Facebook pages, develop strategies for gaining followers and develop opportunities to engage in a conversation with your customers.

The Placemaking Group will help you determine which social media tools are most effective for your Internet and website marketing:

  • Social Media Ads
  • Facebook Groups
  • Facebook Pages
  • Social Media Polls
  • Facebook and LinkedIn Events
  • Social Media Applications

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