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Keith McMillen Wikipedia

Keith McMillen, CEO of the companies, Keith McMillen Instruments, and BeBop Sensors, wanted to have a Wikipedia entry written about his successes as a technology innovator in the audio and music industries and in the development of smart fabric sensors. By having a presence on Wikipedia, he felt it would increase his visibility, and improve his credibility with the media and his target audiences. We wrote about, and included photos, of the stage equipment and many musical instruments that McMillen has created, as well as the smart fabric sensor solutions his company BeBop Sensors has developed for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Because McMillen has received considerable attention from the media, we were able to meet Wikipedia’s requirements of providing notable, reputable third-party published sources that support the validity of his entrepreneurial endeavors. The page sailed through Wikipedia’s review process, and we continue to update the page as McMillen achieves new successes.