Promotions Increase Results

Online promotions are often one of the least used marketing tools on a website – not because they are ineffective, but because they are not well understood. The Placemaking Group can help define what type of online promotion might be right for your organization. Just as promotion has a place in your offline marketing mix, so does online promotion have a place in your online marketing mix. The big advantages are that online promotions are substantially less expensive and much quicker to execute and measure than hardcopy.

Using Online Marketing Promotions to Drive Traffic

  • Using an e-mail promotion to drive people to a micro site or landing page
  • Win-a-prize for signing up for an online newsletter or social media site
  • Gift certificates
  • Sales racks on e-commerce sites
  • Offering “White Papers” requiring e-mail addresses, which result in qualified leads
  • E-mail coupons
  • Micro sites involved with an offline promotion

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