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Use Marketing Materials To Help Customers Understand Your Business

Have you had the experience where you are describing your product or service to a prospect and they stare at you blankly? It’s quite possible that they have no clue what you sell, and because of that, they don’t understand what they would be purchasing. If you do not clearly explain what you are selling, you will definitely not make a sale or get a signed deal. Having marketing materials that clearly communicate what your business offers is a good way to boost your sales. Here are three marketing tools that can help to answer your prospects’ questions and provide them with information so they have a clear understanding of what they are buying.


A professionally designed brochure makes it clear to customers what they are buying, answers some of their questions, and can help to eliminate any confusion they may have. Be sure that the brochure includes information that shows a potential customer how your business can benefit them along with clearly explaining what you are selling. One way to do that is with bullet points that detail the key features of your product or service. This glossy brochure that we created for a paintless auto dent repair company is ideal for sales people to utilize when making a presentation to a customer, and also works well as something that customers can keep after meeting with you.


Sell Sheet

A sell sheet that clearly explains your services and includes client testimonials can be used as a leave behind, help guide you through a discussion of what you sell, or simply serve to provide information to your prospects. This can be used for a one-on-one meeting or emailed to a prospect.

Placemaking Group’s professional design team has created sell sheets for Wipfli LLP/HFS Consultants, a health care consulting firm providing management, financial, operational, regulatory, and strategic planning services to hospitals and health care organizations. When Wipfli/HFS’s behavioral health expert requested marketing materials to succinctly explain to health care organizations the benefits of behavioral health consulting services, we created a behavioral health management solutions sell sheet. Similar marketing collateral pieces were also created for other practice areas in the firm. Read about the marketing tools we created for Wipfli/HFS.

service-sheet-1 service-sheet-2

Speaker One Sheet

A speaker one sheet is similar to a sell sheet, but is designed to easily communicate a speaker’s topics and credentials. Whether you speak locally or nationally, a speaker one sheet will help to land speaking engagements. In addition to speaking topics, it will convey what the audience will learn, the speaker’s bio, client list, client testimonials, and contact information. Dennis Erokan speaks on the topic, “Get Famous,” and his speaker one sheet is well designed and highlights his personality and supports his brand.


Learn more about Dennis’s Get Famous speech.

If you need help creating marketing materials that clearly explain what you are selling, talk to The Placemaking Group. We will be able to provide you with well-designed, effective marketing tools so you will no longer have to experience that glazed over look from a prospect when you are making a presentation. Take a look at our design portfolio.

Article by Miriam Schaffer, account manager and media specialist at Placemaking Group.

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