Journey Map Creation

Clarify your customer interactions

The journey map is an essential tool in the planning process, as it allows for a visual representation of what your key customers will experience when working with your company or organization.

We use the journey map to optimize your use of digital tools, and to discover the priority interactions that need to be addressed.

First we establish your key objectives and outline the personas of your key customers. Then a journey map is created to clarify your customers’ specific needs — and how you currently meet those needs. An effective journey map represents the story of a potential customer (or persona) as they progress through their world and interact with your brand, from their perspective.



Based on the traditional marketing funnel, the journey map offers a new dynamic view of the classic path-to-purchase model.

Phases of the Customer Journey Map


Make an impact with a cohesive and memorable brand that resonates.


Chart an effective path forward with market analysis and persona development.


Give customers what they need with an intuitive and informative online resource.


Engage prospects with relatable email content and timely follow-up touches.


Localize and connect on a micro level with custom paid search programs.


Attract prospects by optimizing your website to relate to their search.

All about the customer

Based on the audience point of view, we look at their:

  • Goals
  • Activities (what action they take)
  • Touch points
  • Experience rating on a 6-point scale. Some comments include: very happy and fulfilling, excited and involved, lots of work for the client, not making a connection.

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