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Now’s the Time for a Bit of Brand Introspection

There’s no magic moment to assess if your brand message is still hitting the mark. But hey, the start of a new year is always a good time for introspection. So pour yourself a bit of bubbly and answer these questions to see if your brand could use an adjustment.

Has your product or service offering changed recently?

If the answer is yes (and for most companies and organizations the answer should be yes), is this reflected on your website and in your social media and marketing materials? Does your SEO accurately represent your new services? Does your sales team on board have the right tools to market to existing customers and new prospects?

Are you communicating and engaging with the same audiences?  Hmmm…should you be?

People change right along with the products they buy. Have you updated your messaging to reflect what they may want or need right now? Avoid being overtaken by the next big thing by making sure you are speaking to your core customers. Maybe there’s a whole new target audience you’ve overlooked. Take a hard look at your market landscape and consider new opportunities for audience growth.

Take a hard look at your website. What needs to be fixed?

Your website is central to your marketing success. Is the messaging still working? Can customers get to what they want quickly, or is user experience turning people away? All these factors enhance or detract from your brand message/experience. If you are unsure – here is a link to our free website analysis checklist.

Oro Loma Sanitary District website before and after

An organization’s website should reflect its current core brand message. Oro Loma Sanitary District is focused on providing the best customer service possible. We updated its website to provide a better user interface for its customers and key stakeholders.


Is your marketing tone consistent? Does it match your company’s brand “voice”?

DentPro brochures and sales materials

We created a full suite of branded brochures and auto dealership point of purchase sales materials for DentPro. These sales tools helped to successfully launch several new services for the company.

It happens. Too little time and rapid growth – or just lack of attention – can take a toll on presenting a strong, consistent image across all channels. This includes your website, any product sales materials, your company’s trade show booth. It is just what happens when you get busy. But this incoherency will dilute your brand and fast. Now is the time to audit all of your marketing tools to make sure they align with your desired positioning, voice, and messaging.


Are you using your marketing assets to their full effect?

What is working to tell your brand story? Are you maximizing the impact of your marketing assets like customer testimonials, white papers, and case studies? Is your social media program strategically reinforcing your message, or is it just a smattering of unrelated posts? Using your assets in a strategic and cohesive way across all channels, aka content marketing and marketing automation, is proven to generate traffic and leads.

How are you stacking up with your main competitors?

Nearon Logo before and after

To stand out in a competitive marketplace, Nearon Enterprises wanted a contemporary logo that also connected with its original mark. We updated colors and fonts but kept the company’s recognizable central icon. We also updated the company website with the same look and feel.

Take a good look at your top three competitors. Are you clearly differentiated from them? Does this brand differentiator still ring true? Is it still working? Why would you be the preferred choice? Perhaps you can take a page from their playbook to adjust your positioning and plans for future market outreach.

These are just a few ways to do a quick assessment to see if your brand message is on target. You can always add more touchpoints. So… resolve to make brand check-ins an ongoing, and regular practice to stay in step with a constantly changing marketing environment.



Post by Dianne Newton-Shaw, account supervisor at Placemaking Group

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  1. I love this tip because so many companies forget to update this portion of their marketing. The company that I work for was actually not aware that the branding message slightly shifts as the years go on. And while they are constantly fixing their website, my management became interested in this post after they overheard my coworkers and I discussing it and I hope they actually employ the suggestions.

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