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Get Famous Profile: Tina Nazier, Health Care Strategist

Tina Nazier is a director of health care strategic alignment at Wipfli, LLP. Through leadership experience, executive coaching, and strong analytical skills, she helps executives in the health care arena address issues that are preventing them from reaching their full potential and steers them toward achieving strategic and operational excellence. Tina spoke with me about how she has become a knowledge leader in the health care world.

Describe what you do.

My career has been focused on helping individuals and organizations succeed. I have a long history of strategy, organizational design, leadership development, and executive coaching in health care, first with Mayo Clinic Health System for 12 years and now with Wipfli LLP’s health care practice for 15 years.

tina-nazierHow and why did you get to be well known?

The main factor is active involvement in the health care professional world. Speaking, writing articles, and providing executive coaching, as well as receiving public recognition for contributions in the industry and community, all had a positive impact. I’ve received achievement and leadership awards from United Way, Kiwanis Club International, the Chamber of Commerce, and the higher education venues I have attended.

My philosophy of servant leadership also plays a major role in who I am and the recognition I have received.  I believe I am here to serve everyone I come in contact with in some way. My personal goal is to leave everyone in a better place than before they met me. It’s something that is deeply rooted inside of me.

Also, I’ve always strived to reach the top level of performance in every situation and do better than my best. That’s what I do with my clients; I always try to achieve greater than their expectations. “Just enough” has never been in my thinking. “Better than my best” is my aim.

Where do you speak?

I speak at national, regional, and statewide health care events. Plus, I’ve written several articles–some posted in national publications–about leadership, strategy, behavioral change, and executive coaching. Much of my speaking success is a result of the exposure Wipfli has in the marketplace. We are viewed as strong, contributing players in the health care space, and this gives us many opportunities to shine in the market. Mayo also provided that same great exposure.

How did you get famous?

Well, I’m not sure I’m famous, but I believe much of it is a result of being recognized as a knowledge leader in the organizations that I serve. If you speak at one event and you do well, you start getting a reputation for engaging and enthusing others. Once your name is out there as a knowledge leader, others seek you out.

What are the benefits of being well known?

Public recognition of your work and accomplishments leads to positive perceptions about how you can help the next individual or organization. It gives others comfort that I can truly make a difference for them. I was recently asked to coach a CFO of an organization ,and the board members searched my background on the internet before they approved.  After they searched, they congratulated the CEO on his choice because it looked like the best possible person for coaching had been chosen. Now that is an asset.

What is your advice for people starting out?

Find a good coach or mentor who will be very candid with you in order to help you grow. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out in your professional circles and the community you serve. And most important, believe in yourself. If you believe in yourself, others will believe in you. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will.

What is the key to becoming famous?

Knowing the industry and what you are able to offer, as well as truly believing your purpose is to help others be their very best. I believe in the importance of a purpose. My purpose in life is to leave everyone I work with in a better place. That purpose is important. Recognition is something that comes along when people really believe they can trust you and that you can help them. Leadership, strategy, and executive coaching are all passions of mine. When you are living out your passion for helping others, everything else follows.

Is there a downside to being well known?

Well I am sure there is, but I haven’t found a downside yet, maybe because I believe I have a long way to go to become even better well known–so ask me in 10 years.

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6 Responses

  1. Gabi Piombo

    I think the most fascinating part of this interview was when Tina talked about the key way to become famous. I completely agree with her input about getting to know the industry you are in like the back of your hand! I also thought it was very touching how she focus’s her time on making everyone around herself better. That is a true leader and a sure way to become liked by your coworkers!

    1. Erica P

      I love the idea of servant leadership. As a student of Saint Mary’s College of California, the college has a motto of “one to learn, leave to serve”. As a result, this belief is also deeply rooted in me. It is important that we serve others, even as leaders.

  2. Eddie J.

    I found Tina’s advice on starting as a young professional to be insightful and quite helpful. Her responses all seemed clear and concise.

  3. Will Connell

    I love that you believe you serve everyone that you come into contact with. This philosophy has probably lead to your success and fame since the nature of this way of life is so giving. If you give to others, others will give to you. Everyone needs a helping hand in life and that fact that you provide that with everyone you meet speaks highly of your character. I hope to be of a greater service to those I encounter in life now too.

  4. In a world that is so highly competitive, I found it very refreshing to hear about a woman in the industry who is passionate about helping others. I wish there was more people like Tina in the world. It seems she truly has the best intentions for others.

  5. Tiffani Saechou

    It was great to learn about such a passionate woman like Tina Nazier. I really appreciated learning about her and reading her responses. One thing that stood out to me was her advice. She said, “And most important, believe in yourself. If you believe in yourself, others will believe in you. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will” I think that’s so important to have self confidence and just to believe in yourself.

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