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Are You Famous? Tell Us Your Story

Executives, entrepreneurs, artists, and other business people who get famous find that new opportunities become available to them. Are you curious about how people get famous, what they do to continually distinguish themselves in their fields, and what new opportunities have opened up for them?

We thought you’d like to hear the stories of people who get famous and so I plan to interview people who got famous and will share their stories on this blog. If you are well known or got famous in your industry sector, and would like to be interviewed, please send me an email at

For the first Get Famous story I am sharing my own story by providing answers to the types of questions that I will be asking to those I interview.

Describe what you do.

What I love to do is make people famous. I’ve been doing it ever since I was a teenager. It’s just part of my brain.

What is your industry?

My industry is marketing. At the Placemaking Group we create fully-integrated marketing programs to get the word out about our clients’ businesses, organizations, or products. We do this through website design and development, public relations, publicity, and content marketing.

Learn more about all our services.

Why and how did you get to be well known?

Back in the 70’s, the music magazine I was publishing, BAM Magazine, started to have some competition. I wanted to rise above my competition to keep a solid business. My mentor, Bill Graham, the concert promoter, told me that I needed to rise above the competition by becoming famous. He told me to come up with an idea and come back the following week and tell him. The idea I had was an idea that would make other people famous. I wanted to put on an awards ceremony that gave recognition to the great musicians in the San Francisco Bay Area. I called it the Bay Area Music Awards, or as it became known, the Bammies. Graham told me to go do it and that giving awards is a great way to increase your own status. I put on the first BAMMIES show and made sure that I was on stage and did all the press interviews. The BAMMIES continued annually for more than 20 years.

What are the benefits of being well known?

I was included in all the press we got on the Bammies. I was also on stage during the show, which meant that the audience, the very people I wanted to be aware of me and my company saw me. Within a year all my competitors were out of business and my magazine, BAM, grew. In the years to come I was able to get meetings with very impressive people, because they wanted to meet me because I worked with all the rock stars.

Advice for people starting out.

My thanks will always go to Bill Graham for telling me to Get Famous and explaining why it is important. So my advice to you is the same. If having a higher profile can help you, your career, or your business, then it is totally worth the effort. Now get out there and Get Famous!

I give a speech on how to Get Famous. For more information, or to book me as a speaker for your company, group, or organization, visit our Get Famous speaker page.

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