How to Publicize and Promote Events

If you have community, business, or civic events coming up, there are several ways to get the word out to publicize and promote them.

Connect with Friends
You can always count on your friends to attend your event. Right? They are the first group that you should let know about your event. You can do that by regularly posting updates about it on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. Also, sending them an email about the event and asking them to share it among their contacts can prove beneficial as well. (more…)

Get Famous Profile: Tina Nazier, Health Care Strategist

Tina Nazier is a director of health care strategic alignment at Wipfli, LLP. Through leadership experience, executive coaching, and strong analytical skills, she helps executives in the health care arena address issues that are preventing them from reaching their full potential and steers them toward achieving strategic and operational excellence. Tina spoke with me about how she has become a knowledge leader in the health care world.

Describe what you do.

My career has been focused on helping individuals and organizations succeed. I have a long history of strategy, organizational design, leadership development, and executive coaching in health care, first with Mayo Clinic Health System for 12 years and now with Wipfli LLP’s health care practice for 15 years.


29 Tips – Get More from Your Existing Website

Many people we talk with about their websites haven’t touched them in years. They feel that once the site is up it should just work and doesn’t need to be improved. We know everyone is very busy so we’ve made some notes about quick (and some not so quick) things to do to keep your site up to date.

Whether you would like to increase interaction, get more page views, get more clicks, or just make your website look more professional, these tips can help.


Quick PowerPoint Tips

Ahh, PowerPoint the presentation program everyone has a love/hate relationship with. But never fear, here are a couple of quick tips that might just make your day when it comes to putting a presentation together – this is not an in-depth how-to … more like a few helpful hints to help prevent premature hair loss. (more…)

Market Your Business With Case Studies

Case studies help to market and build credibility for your business and your services. They are effective for almost any industry sector. A case study is a specific story about something your company accomplished for a client or customer. It describes the services you offered, any challenges you faced, and the results.


Create an Awards Program To Build Brand Awareness

A great way to increase awareness of your company is to launch an awards program. Developing an annual awards program targeted to a specific category, or topic helps to get in front of customers, the media, and can increase credibility.

Examples of successful awards programs are the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s Top Safety Pick which recognizes vehicles “offering an advanced level of safety,” or TIME magazine’s Best Inventions “that make the world better, smarter and a little more fun.”


Get Famous Profile: Jim Horan, The One Page Business Plan

jim_horan_portrait_001In our continuing series on how to Get Famous, I interviewed Jim Horan, the bestselling author of “The One Page Business Plan.” He shares details about how he took his idea and built it into a publishing empire as well as creating a high demand for him to speak to international audiences.

For those seeking success in their businesses, you’ll want to pay special attention to Jim’s advice to not be afraid to ask for help and to get out and meet people.

Describe what you do.

My specialty is taking the fluff, filler, and b.s. out of business plans!

How and why did you get to be well known?

It started back in 1994 when I took a mockup of “The One Page Business Plan” to an entrepreneurial support group I belonged to. I told them I had a wild and crazy idea: one page business plans. I asked them for their honest feedback.

They said, “Jim, you have created something very unique and very powerful!”

I asked, “what do I do with it?”

They advised that I should begin sharing it with anybody and everybody! How? Public speaking! I told them that I am terrified of public speaking.

They said, “get over it, just go do it. You will get better!”


Now’s the Time for a Bit of Brand Introspection

There’s no magic moment to assess if your brand message is still hitting the mark. But hey, the start of a new year is always a good time for introspection. So pour yourself a bit of bubbly and answer these questions to see if your brand could use an adjustment.

Has your product or service offering changed recently?

If the answer is yes (and for most companies and organizations the answer should be yes), is this reflected on your website and in your social media and marketing materials? Does your SEO accurately represent your new services? Does your sales team on board have the right tools to market to existing customers and new prospects?

Are you communicating and engaging with the same audiences?  Hmmm…should you be?


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