Attracting and retaining talent

Do you need help recruiting qualified employees?

Today, a solid and realistic brand is needed to help attract applicants. An authentic brand can even help retain current staff.

Our employer branding tool kit is ideal for any business or organization that wants to improve its employee attraction. Get started creating a relatable brand.

The employer branding tool kit includes:

  • A process to follow for discovering your unique employer brand

  • A sample survey to use with employees, to learn what’s important to your top performers

  • Our employer brand blueprint format with instructions

  • Employee persona template with instructions and examples

  • A packaging format and template

  • Employee journey mapping instructions and example, and

  • A review and adjust the template for annual or semi-annual review

Employer Branding Tool Kit

84% of employees

said they will leave to work for an employer with a better reputation.

86% of HR

professionals surveyed indicated recruitment is becoming more like marketing.

Strong employer brand can reduce the cost to hire by

as much as 50%

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