Advertising Design

Designing an advertisement begins with clearly understanding its purpose. Is the ad intended to establish a brand image for a luxury company? Announce a sale or new product? Whatever the intent or the medium, a well-conceived ad can make your company or organization stand out in the crowd. What is your unique selling point? This is what you want to convey quickly in your ad. The goal is to pull people in with the use of strong imagery or graphics, clever headlines or compelling statements.

If done correctly, advertising can be a fast track way to let people know about your products and services. A good advertisement will effectively target the right customers and market what your business has to offer in the best possible way. It will make people want to act upon seeing it. To accomplish this, every advertisement must relate to the reader and answer the questions “Why should I care?” Whether online banner ad, billboard, mass transit bus card or seen in a magazine, an ad must stick to the brand and have a clear call to action.

At the Placemaking Group, we are well-versed in the advertising design for print and online media. With every ad we create we pay attention to the big picture and the fine print, from the over arching brand to contact information.