City of Fairfield

Case Studies

City of Fairfield

An Integrated Approach to Attracting Business

Strategic Branding

Fairfield came to us with a well-developed strategy for attracting businesses but they needed to get the word out. At the heart of the project was a web site devoted specifically to economic development in the Fairfield area. We identified the brand message that would draw businesses to locate or move to Fairfield through our branding process and incorporated them into the new Fairfield4Business web site. 

A Continuing Success

The Fairfied4Business web site has been live for more than three years, and the results have been incredible. The web site and online promotional activity online have more than doubled the web site’s traffic every month since the launch. Inquiries are stronger than ever.

Complimentary Traffic-Builders

An ongoing email program, designed with the same look and feel of the site, helps to drive traffic to the Fairfield4Business web site and also strengthens the brand of Fairfield.