Inform and reassure


In emergency or crisis situations, your audiences need clearly communicated information, guidance, and reassurance.

Especially during the current COVID-19 situation, it is challenging to keep your organization running, let alone manage appropriate messaging. But this messaging can assist in generating trust and help with recovery after the situation has resolved.

Communicating Effectively Benefits
Your Organization by:


Getting the Right

Messaging Out




Nurturing Existing

Customers / Stakeholders

Communicating is not just about talking. It is also about listening and responding to the situation as it changes.

Below are some ways we are able to help your organization call attention to important information and to appropriately communicate amidst uncertainty and negative news.

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The website as the communication hub

The website is the first place audiences will look for current information. Search engines, social media and email direct them to the website.

  • A messaging consultation can ensure clear and empathetic content.
  • Make important information easy to find – sitewide alerts, popups, and scrolling banners to place crucial content front and center.
  • Add features such as live chat and automated chatbots to help customers/stakeholders connect effortlessly.
  • Offer informative, shareable website content, such as resource pages and blogs.
  • Add online sales channels.

Connecting where needed

  • Adjust social media for the situation: content, frequency, messaging and images.
  • Provide a second set of eyes to ensure questions are being answered and messages are clear.
  • Add recommended hashtags (#) for easy searches.
  • Establish new ways to connect using social media.
  • Update online ads with appropriate messages. Shift emphasis from paid to organic search as needed.
  • Use different formats to share important information – videos, podcasts, blogs – and make sure messaging is consistent throughout.


Your audiences are spending more time online during this time. How will you connect?

Consider online commerce:

  • Sell online
  • Adjust digital ads
  • Raise awareness for online services.

Plan for the day after:

  • Evaluate the competition
  • Improve your positioning
  • Update your communications plan

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