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Create an Awards Program To Build Brand Awareness

A great way to increase awareness of your company is to launch an awards program. Developing an annual awards program targeted to a specific category, or topic helps to get in front of customers, the media, and can increase credibility.

Examples of successful awards programs are the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s Top Safety Pick which recognizes vehicles “offering an advanced level of safety,” or TIME magazine’s Best Inventions “that make the world better, smarter and a little more fun.”

Another award program that you may have heard of is one that I produced for 27 years-the Bammies, or the Bay Area Music Awards. It gave awards to musicians and provided publicity and increased awareness for BAM magazine, a music magazine I founded and published.

Create An Awards Program

To create an awards program for your company, think about your brand and the messages it conveys to your current and prospective customers and clients. Use that information to define an area relevant to your industry that deserves recognition. Be sure that the award program is aligned with your missions and resonates well with your brand.

We recently suggested an awards program for a company making rugged hard drives. You can drop them from seven feet and they will continue working. They sell to various companies that need indestructible data storage, including the British Secret Service. One group of happy customers is the documentary film makers who go to deserts and other areas where they need to be sure that their hard drives are holding up, and successfully recording the film. That’s an easy one for people to understand. So we’ve suggested giving an annual award to the best documentary film recorded out in the field.

Marketing An Awards Program

Planning a publicity program around the awards has the potential to increase their stature among corporate and defense clients as well as build awareness with prospective clients. It’s also important to post information about the awards and its recipients on the company’s website and social media pages.

An awards program needs to be well thought out with a good marketing plan. If you are interested in a strategy to develop an awards program and a marketing plan associated with it for your company or organization, please email me.

Posted by Dennis Erokan, Director of Placemaking Group


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  1. Nicholas F.

    I love this idea. Award shows always stir up so much buzz especially if the nominees for each category are known prior to the show. This is also a great way to recognize individual’s effort and work–which often goes unrecognized. For smaller companies that do not have access to traditional media outlets, I think that they could live stream the show on social media outlets like Facebook or Instagram so loyal followers can stay up to date on the results instead of waiting after and seeing a list of winners.

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