Strategy Ideas for Selecting Keywords

If you are creating web content without regard for your brand, then the keywords you use will only create disappointing results from your efforts. Your site might rank for something, but maybe it is not the something that will generate leads. Search ranking is an ever-moving target. Your competitors are making changes to their search ranking by adding pages and [...]

Do Social Media Links Help SEO?

Whether social media links help SEO is often a debatable topic among marketing professionals. With the high secrecy of Google’s algorithm, it can be difficult to determine how social media affects search rankings. However, if you refer to the comments from official Google channels, social links are actually not a direct factor in determining search rankings. But, the question still [...]

How to Increase Blog Traffic

Do you want to increase blog traffic, but aren’t sure what to do? If you are spending time writing posts, but not seeing an increase in traffic to your blog, then consider implementing the following tips and strategies. They can help get more readers to your blog and as a result boost your clientele and help to sell more of your [...]

Websites that Travel Well: Why it Pays to Have a Mobile-Friendly Website

There are three reasons why you want your website to be easy-to-use on a mobile device. Two you probably already know. 1. Higher search ranking on Google.  Google favors mobile friendly websites in search engine results on phones and tablets. 2. Ever increasing numbers of people are using mobile for web search. Depending on your industry, visitors to your site [...]

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