5 Things to Consider Before Planning to Advertise Online

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Whether you are looking to get leads for your product or service or trying to attract quality talent to join your organization, online advertising can give you a distinct edge over organic promotions--promoting something by trying to get likes on a social media post. When choosing to advertise online, here are five things to consider and pay attention to with [...]

Market Your Business with Case Studies


Build awareness of your business with case studies. Case studies help to market and build credibility for your business and your services. They are effective for almost any industry sector. A case study is a specific story about something your company accomplished for a client or customer. It describes the services you offered, any challenges you faced, and the results. [...]

4 Email Marketing Practices for Lead Generation

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Having a strategy that includes email marketing practices for lead generation can result in business growth. Numerous studies suggest that email as a marketing channel still delivers the best return on investment. We see the development of new marketing channels every now and then – from content to website to social media to digital advertising; but email will, in the [...]

Strategy Ideas for Selecting Keywords

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If you are creating web content without regard for your brand, then the keywords you use will only create disappointing results from your efforts. Your site might rank for something, but maybe it is not the something that will generate leads. Search ranking is an ever-moving target. Your competitors are making changes to their search ranking by adding pages and [...]

Social Media Benefits for Health Care Providers

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Patient Outreach Key Benefit of Social Media for Health Care Providers Social media benefits for health care providers are evident in the statistics that show how consumers get information and how they research and choose their health care professionals. Regardless of the size or type of a health care organization, social media provides a way for health care providers [...]

Current Trends in Health Care Content Marketing

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Health Care Organizations Use Content Marketing to Reach Target Audiences Content marketing’s use in marketing outreach is growing, especially in service-related industries such as health care. This marketing trend increases credibility and visibility. How?  By offering health care and wellness information that people are looking for from a trusted resource. Here's a look at how content marketing is growing as [...]

Use Video For Training to Engage and Educate Customers

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Video Training Strategies that Work A popular way to educate business people about a new product, service, or a how-to for new technology is to use video for training. Today video is used in almost every area you can think of from employee development, to becoming proficient at software programs, to understanding how to protect oneself from cyber crime. We [...]

Do Social Media Links Help SEO?

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Whether social media links help SEO is often a debatable topic among marketing professionals. With the high secrecy of Google’s algorithm, it can be difficult to determine how social media affects search rankings. However, if you refer to the comments from official Google channels, social links are actually not a direct factor in determining search rankings. But, the question still [...]

Five Strategies to Build a Quality Email List

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Building a quality email list is very important to ensure that your email campaign delivers desirable ROI. It’s best to send emails only to those who have opted in. The days of buying email lists are over and can result in many of your emails being marked as spam, which could seriously damage your email deliverability rate, and will also [...]