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Professional Services for the Manufacturing Sector


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Inbound Marketing

Faced with a short window of opportunity, limited marketing funds and stiff competition, a strategic digital marketing program resulted in a big gain in search exposure and leads for Manex Consulting.

With a mission to help manufacturing companies succeed, Manex needed ongoing leadgen outreach to promote its business consulting and training services.


Obtaining an ISO certificate is no small feat for manufacturers and Manex Consulting needed to position itself as the ISO expert with the ability to meet the tight deadline for certification.


The BEST choice for ISO services


Separate from the pack of competitors


Tight timeline to complete the certification


Outreach Strategies to Reach Manufacturers

The strategy we developed focused on cutting through the myriad of “look-alike” business consultants. Over a 12-month period leading up to the ISO certification deadline, we worked with Manex to augment its traditional in-person sales approach with a targeted digital marketing program.

The Payoff and Why Manex?

Always tell the visitor “why should I care?” Highlight results-oriented approach.

Clear Communication
of the Need

Straight talk about why ISO matters encourages action.

White Paper to Capture Leads

Offering useful information is incentive to provide contact details. Optimized forms are easy to find and complete.

Video Testimonial for Credibility

Third-party endorsements are credible and reinforce marketing messages.

Personalized with Manex CEO

Utilizing a well-known expert adds impact to overall message.

Prioritize Keywords

Optimize search engine visits by using keyword phrases mostly likely to be used by prospects.

Optimize Ad Content

Monitoring and updating the Google AdWords program to capture those most likely to buy.


As leads increased, we worked to help them to diversify the business. We were able to increase the percentage of commercial leads through the use of targeted keyword phrases in search optimization.


Increase in Exposure on Google

Number of Keywords where Manex showed up in top 100 and top 10 search results


Increase in Forms Filled Out

Grew from 6 per month to 29 per month the following year


Increase in Site Visits from Organic Searches

Complimentary Web and Marketing Review

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