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Fidelity Roof Company


Commercial and Residential Construction


Website Maintenance
Search Engine Promotion
Email Marketing

When traditional lead generation methods weren’t working anymore, Fidelity Roof needed help to fill the pipeline and support sales reps.

A program to increase their presence on search engines using SEO strategies and tactics increased the number of forms filled out by 6X over a two-year period.


Fidelity Roof Company is an established roofing contractor with a large portfolio of projects for both residential and commercial properties. They are well known and respected in their local area. Fidelity Roof needed to increase the visibility of their website online and update the website to convert more visitors into leads.


Targeting a modest 2x increase in forms filled out over 2 years using only Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics.


Measured by the number of impressions on Google and the rank position for key pages.


The strategy for attraction was to expand Fidelity Roof’s geographic reach while focusing on keywords that would produce high quality leads and weren’t too competitive.

Using keyword research to identify opportunities for improvement, we implemented on-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase visibility on Search Engines. We have consistently reviewed and improved the strategy and targeted keywords every month.

To convert more visitors, we updated the website by adding project galleries, a large phone number on every page and a strong call-to-action to request a free estimate.

Add Call-to-Action

Add “request a quote” links and phone number on all pages.

Content Updates

Rewrite existing copy for better keyword density and relevancy. Create and add new content regularly.

On-Page SEO

Revise page meta title and descriptions (used by search engines to index the site) to be more specific and relevant.


As leads increased, we worked to help them to diversify the business. We were able to increase the percentage of commercial leads through the use of targeted keyword phrases in search optimization.


Growth of site visits from Search Engines.

(no paid advertising)


Increase in “request a quote” forms filled out. Inquiries increased over a 2-year period from an average of 2 per month to over 12 per month.


(average monthly) Google impressions; plus increased keyword ranking from 19 in the top 10 to 126 (within 2 years).

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