Launching a campaign-specific webpage or website can be just the ticket to making a big impact.

When to use a separate, micro-website for marketing?

  • You need your customers to focus on one specific topic or action.
  • Your project, service or product has a different audience than your main website.
  • The goal for your campaign is different than your normal sales outreach.

When used in these situations, a microsite is a quick and cost-effective marketing tool that can yield big results.

Defining the microsite

A microsite is a particular kind of website that is small and exists for a specific marketing purpose.  Using a small number of specialized Web pages, a microsite provides information, and branding to achieve a particular goal. A microsite is also referred to as a “minisite” or a “sitelet.” Also, a microsite has fewer features and functionality than your main corporate website.

Benefits of using a microsite

  • A specific URL is used just for your minisite. This means it can be used more effectively in radio, TV or offline advertising.
  • Microsites can feature a navigation system and direct users to a few pages (max. 5) such as a contact page, a link to your primary website, or information to support your main idea.
  • Microsites are excellent for experimenting with new ideas regarding your online presence (e.g. play around with new content types) without putting your primary brand at risk.
  • Microsites can drive traffic to your main website.
  • They are more SEO-friendly as they include meta tags to allow the page to be indexed by Google for your specific campaign.

How is a microsite different than a landing page?

Similar to a microsite, a landing page is created specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign. It’s where a visitor “lands” after clicking on an online ad or custom link. Typically, the landing page is part of and uses the navigation, format and branding of your main website. However, in some instances, a landing page is included in a microsite.

What situations call for a microsite?

  • Got extra office space to lease? Fast to create (as little as a week), a simple microsite is a great solution.
  • Want to sponsor a contest to grow your social following? A microsite will make it simple and keep participants focused.
  • Educating customers with a quiz? Use a microsite to keep the quiz participants’ attention through completionPromoting a sponsorship or special event? Use a landing page with a QR code to drive your audience straight there.
microsite for educational quiz
  • New book to sell? A minisite is a perfect way to tease readers with the book and drive them to purchase. Especially if the subject doesn’t fit with your main business goals.
  • A collaborative educational webinar series or campaign that doesn’t fit on your company’s website. Give it its own home.
  • Need to gain community approval for a real estate or construction project? A microsite or minisite is ideal to announce community meetings and show residents the grand vision.

Microsite Example –
UAM Byron Airport

We created this microsite to support our client’s leasing campaign for a drone testing facility. The microsite, which we built using EditorX, a new product from WIX, provided the right features and level of customization for the microsite. Editor X is a great option for creating an interactive and informative site for new projects that you want to look modern and captivate your audience. Other off-the-shelf builders such as Squarespace and GoDaddy can also be used for small sites like this but we found that Wix offers the best customization for our design-centered sites.

Live Site

If you need help with a microsite, minisite or landing page, check out our services and samples.

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About the Author:

I’m Jannah Lyon, the creative director and graphic designer for Placemaking Group with a focus on Website and Interactive Design. I keep my pulse on all things design that relates to small business marketing.

For more design ideas and a sample of projects I’ve completed visit our portfolio page, or connect with me on LinkedIn.