Blog Content and Promotion

Why is a blog important to your online marketing efforts? Altair Blog

A blog can increase your search engine ranking. How? By establishing many links across the Internet when your content is posted or linked to from other sites. If kept up with new posts every week it can also create a community of loyal followers who will subscribe to receive weekly posts. However, blogs require ongoing updating and need to be marketed to realize their benefits.

At the Placemaking Group we work with our clients to make sure their blog is being used to convey their key messages and attract the right visitors. With this strategy in place, a blog can increase website visibility and further brand recognition.

At Placemaking Group we can set up a blog, design the look, install plugins and even develop custom programming. We will also consult on content (what to write about), help you develop a theme (for instance, All About Design if you are an interior designer), write and produce content, and promote the blog.

One way to promote a blog is to install a plugin so that visitors can sign up for RSS feeds, or receive an e-mail every time you post to your blog. There are also plugins which allow visitors to easily re-tweet your post, send it to friends or include on their Facebook page. We will advise you to include video and photos on your blog wherever possible and use your blog posts in your social media campaigns.

Other types of promotions for blogs include offering a giveaway for subscribers, renting an e-mail list and sending information with links to your blog. or offering valuable information to visitors through advertising or public relations tools such as media releases and speaking engagements.

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