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“Which Social Media tools should I use?”

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Which Social Media tools do you use? That question is asked of me a lot. And, the more important question they really want the answer to, “Which Social Media tools should I use?”

That is really the key to it all. Social Media is just a tool kit. Whether it’s your blog, or YouTube, Or Twitter or LinkedIn or Facebook, it just seems too complicated. So when we, at Placemaking Group, help our clients, we try to identify the right tools for the job. itracks logoAnd now the research firm, Itracks, has come up with some numbers that can help. They asked business leaders if they use Social Media and which tools do they use. The whole story is below, but the key is, they found that 89% of companies surveyed are using social media, and 49% of them believe LinkedIn provides the best return on investment. (more…)

Journalists looking for stories are regularly checking social media

Monday, June 13th, 2011

We at the Placemaking Group have been making a big deal about how one of the big advantages of Social Media is that you get to talk directly to your audience. And one of the most important audiences are journalists. You have to make sure that whatever you post, whether it’s on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or YouTube has the right keywords so everyone, including journalists can find you! Here’s a report from Daily Dog about a study done by Western Kentucky University that shows that almost 90% of journalists are regularly checking social media. Here’s the beginning of the article… (more…)