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Travel and Economic Development in the Social Media Spotlight

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

Social media is the leading source of travel research and traveler decision making today, and should be strongly considered as part of an economic development marketing plan. Here are a some recent examples showcasing different approaches tailored to unique markets.

Guam Social Media Ambassadors

We spearheaded a Social Media Ambassadors plan for our client, Guam Visitors Bureau, which recently launched. These volunteers will be present at all major events over 10 weeks to generate pictures, video and content that is being shared with the GVB’s global social media channels. These slice-of-life photos present a down to earth, very relatable window into Guam’s culture, and have provided fun content to encourage likes and shares to get the word out about Guam as a great travel destination.

Learn more and see some great photos here » (more…)

Pinterest for Travel and Tourism Promotion

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

GUAM-pinterest-homePinterest can be a powerful and fun addition to your travel and tourism PR social networking program. For those of you not already on the bandwagon, Pinterest is a social networking platform that allows users to create virtual bulletin boards on which they can “pin” inspiring images or videos.

Followers can like your pins, effectively bookmarking them, or repin them to their own boards to share them with their own followers. Gorgeous travel shots are particularly suited to the Pinterest audience; the combination of images, video and descriptions can bring a place to life for its followers. It’s a visually rich way to create a buzz around any travel destination.

Create boards to highlight different areas of interest for vacationers: for example, Placemaking Group client, the Guam Visitors Bureau shares images about local culture, Guam’s stunning beaches, wedding ideas, sightseeing activities, and sports and golf, among other attractions specific to Guam.

Likewise, the Micronesian island of Kosrae (also a Placemaking Group client) posts about diving and snorkeling, the island’s natural beauty, its people, and getaways, including links to reviews for Kosrae hotels.

Both islands use a mixture of original content from the Visitors Bureau uploaded to Pinterest, and repinned content posted by other Pinterest fans of Guam and Kosrae. Being engaged by sharing images is part of what it’s all about. With that in mind, Pinterest posts can easily be shared across platforms, cross-promoting your posts via Facebook and Twitter.

Contact us if you’d like to talk about having The Placemaking Group spearhead your travel destination’s social networking strategy.

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by Deirdre Spencer, Senior Designer The Placemaking Group


Traditional media, social media–marketing cities.

Monday, November 15th, 2010

“More and more communities are looking for answers on how to communicate “news” to their citizens. How will this affect traditional media, such as newspapers?” asks Charles Burtron, Business Technology and Operations Solutions of Montgomery, Alabama. (more…)

All-time high for time spent on social networking sites.

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Adotas, the online newsletter about interactive advertising reported that, “Nielsen has come out with a new report that shows 17% of all time online last month was spent on social networking and blogging sites.”

This is a significant leap. It really shows that social media is an important part of our lives. In that report in Adotas, Jon Gibs, VP of media and agency insights for Nielsen’s online division stated “This growth suggests a wholesale change in the way the Internet is used. While video and text content remain central to the Web experience — the desire of online consumers to connect, communicate and share is increasingly driving the medium’s growth.”

What does all this mean for you? Well, the first thing is that the elements of social media are becoming more effective tools. (more…)

Facebook your Downtown.

Monday, September 28th, 2009

I had the fun of being at the California Downtown Association conference in Ventura this last week. Naturally, the part I got to talk about was marketing. I did a “Make your Downtown Famous” talk; and with Laura Cole-Rowe and Larry Cope I got to do a seminar in using Social Media for Downtowns.

Laura talked about Twitter, and Larry, who is a very talented techno-geek (and also the Director Of Economic Development for Tuolumne County), discussed many ways of very inexpensively setting up your Downtown’s website and Social Media offerings.

I got to talk about Downtown Facebook sites. (more…)

Cities use Facebook and Twitter.

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

How have local governments successfully used social networking tools to gain and keep support for their programs and keep citizens up to date? Sheila Samuelson, the Sustainable Community Coordinator at City of Dubuque, IA asked that question.         (more…)