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Build Brand Loyalty Through Community Outreach

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Building a brand involves connecting with a community that will become loyal to you. That’s especially true when you are a local business relying on consumers in your city or town to uphold your reputation and keep traffic coming through the door.

A community that speaks highly of your business or organization serves to get the word out and convey your key messages. So give them something to talk and tell others about that means something to them. Keep your brand in front of them by telling your story — in a relevant way – through a combination of traditional media and social media. (more…)

Using Social Gaming as Incentives for Employees

Friday, December 9th, 2011

Did you think you had a good understanding of gamification and that it wasn’t right for your company? Well, I attended Converge Cup Silicon Valley, the most recent event put on by ISSMM, the Institute for Social, Search and Mobile Marketing last Thursday. I got a whole new view. 

Kris Duggan, the CEO of Badgeville (, gave an really interesting talk on another aspect of social gaming. His talk was on helping to instill Behavior Management. Or as they call it, Behavior Lifecycle Management. In other words, using gamification to incentivize employees to fulfill goals in their strategic plan. (more…)