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Beyonce Asks: Fix My Website!

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

This is perfect timing. Right after our last post on this blog where we talk about what is the important rule when designing a website, Beyonce shows that she understands! She wants a website that tells her story in images and words– her brand! The website she has now is basically a blog, and it doesn’t represent her brand. That’s what we make sure our clients understand– our goal is to tell your story -your brand- effectively to your core audience, the people you want to influence!

Here’s some of her story…

“Beyonce herself hates the website because she doesn’t think that it looks like who she is as an artist, someone who likes fashion and art and photography and travel,” said one executive familiar with Ms. Knowles’ plans. “She has all sorts of interests and wants to communicate that,” said the person, adding that the star wants the new site to be “daring and forward-thinking.” Click here to read the whole article in AdAge.

Four New Websites from The Placemaking Group

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Here are four of our newest websites designed and developed by our team here at Placemaking Group. We built these for our clients with one important rule. This rule is a key to making a successful website. The rule is to understand who you need to talk to and being able to communicate the story that you want your target audiences to know about. It’s not good enough to just have functionality in a website. It has to talk to the people that you are trying to influence. So, click on any of the website images, and read the stories that reflect our clients’ brands. You’ll see how we’ve incorporated website content and functionality to match the unique needs of each client’s customers.

Interior Designer Website

Real Estate Development Website

Mortgage Company Website

Real Estate Community Website

Social Media is Perfect for Event Marketing

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

Social media is perfect for event marketing because, if done well, it can convey a real sense of the event. And that creates a sense of excitement and increases attendance. Done well is the key.

Hard work is more important than a large budget. The most successful promotions look easy. That’s because behind them is a lot of thought, preparation, planning, hard work, attention to details and more hard work.  Here are some tips to make it work.

Photo of the Astounding Electric Magic Elixir Medicine Show captures a glimpse of the silliness and fun of the Gold Rush Days event in Old Sacramento.