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Two excellent books about social media and PR.

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

“Let’s say you were asked to design a graduate-level course on the implications of social media for public relations. What are the top resources you would be sure to include?”  Joe Klimavich President of Boston’s Klimavich Communication WebMechanic, asked recently.

I’ll tell you about two books that I’m going to have my Saint Mary’s College PR class read next semester… (more…)

How to have a New York Times Best Seller.

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Do you want to be the author of a New York Times best seller? Are you thinking that writing a book can be an important part of the foundation of building your personal brand?

Well, our friend Kevin Daum has done the research for you on how to get your book on the New York Times best sellers list.

As he points out, “The New York Times Best Seller List is the pinnacle of status and prestige for any author.” Most writers just want to get their book published. But, Kevin has higher goals. He knows that having a best seller business book is a great way to achieve credibility and increase business.  So, if this interests you, go to Cracking the code on making The New York Times Best Seller List.

Getting Media to Your Next Event

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009
2009 Holiday Tree Lighting at Oakland City Center

Would you like tips on getting media to show up to your next event? Last Thursday evening, December 3, we helped our client Oakland City Center/Shorenstein Realty Services bring media out for its annual Holiday Tree Lighting event. Our charge was to showcase the kind of activity that’s going on in Oakland year round, with a long-term goal of building positive association for the city and its merchants. These positive association are important to City Center, as well as the newly formed Downtown Oakland/Uptown/Lake Merritt Community Benefit Districts (CBDs), of which it is a founding member.

In response to a short and sweet event news release and focused follow up prior to the event, the media turned out in force. Two TV stations and the Oakland Tribune covered the event.

Here are a few tips for getting media to your next event: (more…)

On the scene– Sacramento with PR, Web sites, Marketing, SEO. Placemaking Group opens up our new office.

Monday, December 7th, 2009

What are your thoughts about Sacramento these days? Mine is that there’s a lot going on. Of course the state government is always up to something. Actually, a lot of things! But there are also very interesting businesses growing and some really exciting real estate deals going on. One of the goals for Placemaking Group has been to get more involved in that Capitol City. It is my delight to announce that we’ve opened up our Sacramento office with Jan Burch in the lead role there. I asked Jan about Sacramento. Here’s what she told me… (more…)

Tiger Woods is playing to the Vacuum– Crisis Management

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Irv Hamilton, our crisis management expert at Placemaking Group, sent this note to me. After I read it I thought, I want everyone to read it! So…

A vacuum is a curious thing.  It is consciously seeking to fill the void that makes a vacuum a vacuum.

In news, vacuums are largely made up of missing information.  It used to be that reporters would seek to satisfy the vacuum’s desire for more information by asking questions and reporting.  Then the reporter would fill the vacuum’s void by sharing what he or she had learned, in the form of news.  (more…)