ABCs of SEO and website marketing.

Here at Placemaking Group we realized a long time ago that all PR and Buzz leads to your website. When people hear about an interesting company, the first thing they do is find the website. So, with our clients, that is one of the most important things on our to-do list… Make sure you have an excellent website that tells your potential customers everything they need to know about you and your company. And, equally important, make sure they can find you when they search for you.

I’m not really sure what got into Barbara Irias, our resident web expert, but as she was compiling a list of important things to be aware of when planning SEO (Search Engine Optimization), she noticed they were coming out in alphabetical order. So here are the ABCs (more…)

Fred and Joanne Greene are a Podcasting success story.

Karin Høgh, a Danish journalist, podcasting consultant and instructor, is looking for a podcasting team to work with in the United States. Karin is the co-founder of – a webbased publishing system for podcasting. She asked this question… Anybody knows of a private company using podcasting as a newsletter to partners and/or companies? About products, events, news about the company..?

My suggestion to her was to talk to Fred and Joanne Greene of Green Creative Services in San Rafael, CA. They are radio professionals (having worked with many of the top radio stations in the Bay Area) who have had a lot of success guiding people through the podcast world. Greene Creative Services provides full service media solutions – from script writing, consultation, podcast development, and remote recording to large-scale audio and video production and web-based communication. We’re working with them. So I can recommend them and their list of clients is way more impressive than little old Placemaking Group! Fred, BTW, has the highest rated golf podcast on iTunes.

Advertising works with short sales cycle, PR with a longer sales cycle.

An important aspect to planning a marketing campaign is the product’s sales cycle. If you have something that works with a call to action, in other words with a short sales cycle, then advertising is usually the best way to get business. But if your sales cycle is long, anywhere from 6 months to a year or two, then you have to look for other forms of marketing. Advertising isn’t going to do it for you.

One of our clients, IFTI, Independent Floor Testing and Inspection, has to live in both worlds.

Two marketing tracks— (more…)

The power of an integrated marketing campaign.

Big splash or ripple… which do you want? You know, the trouble with analogies is they can have different meanings to different people. The lead topic in our most recent email is about the Power of Integration. Our solution is an integrated marketing campaign, not a one-time big ad. An entire, well thought-out plan, can have a significant impact. One that sends waves as opposed to a few ripples! I agree that the one-time big ad gets NOTHING done. Or at least, next to nothing. Unless the big ad is the Apple 1984 spot that ran one time during the Super Bowl and made the Macintosh famous!

Our thinking is to make the biggest splash – or the greatest impact – one has to plan out the entire campaign and not hope that a one shot will do the trick!

Here’s the message … (more…)

The importance of “Hugging” your customers.

1-800-Radiator has done a marvelous job of keeping their customers loyal. They do it a couple of different ways. But one way that has made many of their clients feel extra special is every shipment of radiators sent out includes a small package of candy. It makes their customers feel great. Now I’ve read the book that explains why it’s so valuable to “hug” your customers.

As a business owner, CEO or marketing professional, there are five audiences that you want to influence:

1. Current and past clients

2. Potential clients (more…)

Putting your brand in jeopardy.

How easily can a company dilute its brand? For the opportunity to bring in some more cash, can a CEO decide that it’s worth the risk? Our colleague at Placemaking Group, John Nunes, thinks through the situation at Fender Guitars with their Squier line. (BTW, John is an accomplished professional guitarist so this is a subject close to his heart.) (more…)

It all starts with the brand.

Sri Vikas. U a Branding, Online/Digital Marketing/ Social Media Marketing Specialist in India asked, “I am curious on what is the difference between Marketing and Branding. Where does marketing end and branding start?”

Well, it’s just the opposite. It’s not “where does marketing end and branding start?” It all starts with the brand. (more…)