Don’t get caught up in being too clever.

Ever see commercials on television and you remember the funny punch line or scenario, but not what the ad was for?

I was trying to remember who did the ads with the people who are in the act of doing something for which they aren’t qualified. You remember, they have people pretending to be doctors, or lawyers, or nuclear technician. (more…)

“The New Rules of Marketing and PR”

If you’re reading a book about online marketing, you have to read it the day it comes out. Because the longer you wait, the more out-of- date it is. Well, I’ve got a good one for all of you to read. And it is one of the most sensible online marketing books I’ve ever read. That means it will continue to have value long after many of the books coming out right now. David Meerman Scott wrote “The New Rules of Marketing and PR” in a manner that tells you about all the newest tools and practices. (more…)

From O to Site Map, we got more of the ABCs of SEO.

Outsource: When should you hire someone to assist with optimizing your site. If you don’t have time to spend 3-4 hours per month minimum or if you feel your skills are better used in another area of your business or if you need help with ideas on how to improve optimization.

Press Release: Sending out releases over the wire services and posting releases for the media help add links to your site because other sites pick them up. Additionally they provide content to keep your site fresh.

Q&A: Add a Frequently Asked Questions page, even if you don’t like them; Search engines do.

Ranking: Avoid linking from a site below yours. To check a page rank for a site on Google you can use a free online resource: Sites which have high rankings include: 7 (out of a possible 10), 8/10, 6/10 and 7/10.

Site map: This is an old technique but having a site map still helps search engines index your whole site.

How to brand a person.

I got a great question from John Moyer of the Chicago Rush Arena Football team. You can see him interviewed on YouTube. He asked his question through LinkedIn…

“How to brand a person? What steps does a person take to create their presence?

My answer starts with the most important piece of the puzzle: what are your goals?

The first thing you have to know is why are you creating the brand? What do you have in mind? This is the same process whether you’re creating a brand for a business, a city or a person. And you have to remember—you aren’t really creating a brand, you’re uncovering it. It’s already there, you’re just polishing it a little. (more…)

Entertainment and Marketing Communications defined by Nikki Sixx.

I was asked recently what is the difference between Marketing Communications and Entertainment. Maybe they asked me that because I’ve lived in both worlds for quite awhile.

I’ll tell you, there are more similarities than differences. But you have to look at the best in both fields to see the similarities reveal themselves. At the core, Marketing Communications has to be strategic. There has to be a message that is delivered, even better if there is a call to action.


But at its best, Entertainment has to be as strategic, too. My favorite moment on the entertainment side is the day, back in the early 80’s, when Nikki Sixx walked into our offices at BAM Magazine in Hollywood. (more…)

ABCs of SEO and website marketing.

Here at Placemaking Group we realized a long time ago that all PR and Buzz leads to your website. When people hear about an interesting company, the first thing they do is find the website. So, with our clients, that is one of the most important things on our to-do list… Make sure you have an excellent website that tells your potential customers everything they need to know about you and your company. And, equally important, make sure they can find you when they search for you.

I’m not really sure what got into Barbara Irias, our resident web expert, but as she was compiling a list of important things to be aware of when planning SEO (Search Engine Optimization), she noticed they were coming out in alphabetical order. So here are the ABCs (more…)