Don’t hang up on the Ad Rep!

Rhonda Silva of Placemaking Group tells us this story and gives the valuable advice… Don’t hang up on the Ad Rep!

How many times has the phone rung while you’re juggling ten things at once, and it’s a call from an ad rep? While your first inclination might be to say, “I’m busy — it’s not the right time — I’m on deadline and can’t talk now,” —- don’t hang up the phone so quickly because you may be cutting the cord to a coveted media contact. (more…)

Al and Laura Ries teach me volumes about branding!

I’ve had a couple books on my desk lately. I’ve reread each of them this past month and their messages are more relevant than ever.

The Fall of Advertising & The Rise of PR by Al and Laura Ries gives the reader an understanding of when to use each. Their contention is that PR builds a new brand and advertising sells the product once the brand has worked its way into the marketplace’s awareness. During the years that I published special interest magazines I found that to be true. Over and over again I would see that the idea of the product had to be clearly understood by the potential buyers before the advertising could really work. (more…)

Writing simply and clearly makes you look smart.

At Placemaking Group we tend to do all of our communications, including our Web work, in a simple straight forward style. Now we know that there is a study that backs us up! Here is a report from LiveScience. If you want to read the whole report the URL is at the bottom. But for now, let’s keep it simple! (more…)

Napa Downtown Web Site

Who knew that downtown Napa was a hub for fine dining and wine tasting in Napa Valley? The answer: not enough people in the Bay Area! Few people make the connection between downtown Napa and its marvelous variety of fine wine and excellent food. (more…)