Four Ideas to Unclutter Your Personal Brand and Get Famous!

I’ve been telling you for years the advice that concert promoter Bill Graham gave me, “Get Famous!” That means you have to have a good understanding of your personal brand– who YOU are in the eyes of your colleagues, customers, and potential customers.

That means that you have to make sure your brand is clear and uncluttered. Uncluttered? Right! Here are four steps to unclutter and communicate your brand.


Using Animation in Email

An animation is a clever way to describe something or illustrate an action in an email.  Plus, when competing with other businesses, anything you can do in your email to stand out is worth it.

How does animation work in emails?

The animation is a series of images strung together and saved as a gif. Creating animation can be complicated when you don’t know which applications to use or how to set up the files. After Effect by Adobe will help you create the sequence of layers which generates movement.  If you want to learn how to animate a gif, there are good instructional videos available to help you out. SkillShare is also a great resource. (more…)

How to Get Media Coverage: Use Editorial Calendars

Many magazines post editorial calendars on their websites. Editorial calendars (often referred to as edcals) list the topics the media outlet is planning to cover during each month of the year. Knowing how to use editorial calendars can very likely increase media coverage for your business or organization, because if your company or story fits into a magazine’s editorial plans, your chances of being featured or included in the article greatly increase.

Follow these instructions on using editorial calendars and watch as the number of articles about your business starts to grow. (more…)

What is Publicity and what does it mean to you?

Our role as public relations specialists is to create strategic communications programs to effectively maintain a favorable public image for businesses and organizations. Some of the ways this is accomplished is through social media, newly designed websites with fresh content, videos, brochures, sell sheets, email marketing, advertising and publicity.

When we talk to businesses and organizations about our work, the one area they often have trouble defining is publicity. To illustrate this confusion, we asked CEOs in the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento to define what is publicity. Here’s what they said: (more…)

Increase Communication Success with Visual Storytelling

Everybody loves that feeling of being able to recognize and understand something quickly without having to decipher what someone is talking about. Just as they do in wayfinding signage, visual cues in marketing go a long way to help your audience get that “I am a smart cookie” boost by providing them with recognizable icons, pictograms, infographics, illustrations and images that streamline data and concept absorption and understanding.


SEO for PDFs

We are often asked if PDFs are included in search engines. They are definitely searchable, but they are often not indexed because they aren’t optimized. This means that the search engines skip them when they spider your site because they don’t know what the content is about.

It is better to put your content in a regular web page, but if you want to post a PDF, and there are many reasons to do this, then here are the steps to optimize your PDF that will help search engines to index the content.

When are PDFs the Best Type of Content?

1. If a PDF is already on your site and there are many links to it from other websites.

2. A PDF is a great option if the material is designed with a specific look that wouldn’t translate well to HTML.

3. If the content is something you want visitors to print or download for later use. For example, a newsletter, book, brochure, product sheets, manuals or forms meant to be printed and filled out by hand.

Here is a description on how to optimize your PDFs.