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Four Ideas to Unclutter Your Personal Brand and Get Famous!

I’ve been telling you for years the advice that concert promoter Bill Graham gave me, “Get Famous!” That means you have to have a good understanding of your personal brand– who YOU are in the eyes of your colleagues, customers, and potential customers.

That means that you have to make sure your brand is clear and uncluttered. Uncluttered? Right! Here are four steps to unclutter and communicate your brand.

1. Understand Your Brand

Your brand has to be easy to understand. So let’s talk over four ideas ideas on how to make sure your message is clear and uncluttered!

The first thing you have to do is have an understanding of your brand. We’ve talked about the Branding Blueprint and how to use that to make sure you know your brand.

2. Use Social Media

Use social media effectively. That begins with knowing which social media tools are the ones to help you. Most of us should be using LinkedIn. That’s the one that lets you talk in a business manner. So, make sure you are updating LinkedIn on a regular basis. And also, make sure it doesn’t only act like a resume. Put in things that interest you and that you are working on. Make sure you post whenever possible or at least once a month. More often is even better. And get rid of info that isn’t important any more. Don’t just leave your LinkedIn page static.

So LinkedIn is the most important. But, also, make sure there is nothing in your Twitter or Facebook that would be embarrassing if someone ran across it. The best thing is to not post something that could be embarrassing. The next best thing is to find it, if you posted it, and delete it!

3. Know Your Story

The third important item is to really have a good story about you and your career. When I give my Get Famous speech, I tell the story of Bill Graham telling me to Get Famous! That is good because that’s what I do for a living. My Placemaking Group team makes people, places, and businesses famous. So I tell my Get Famous story as often as possible to new audiences and individuals. I want you to make sure you have a clear, captivating story to tell.

4. Network to Communicate Your Brand

And then the fourth piece of advice is to tell that story by networking. That’s right, get out there and meet new people, hear their stories, and then tell them yours. Networking can be very effective if you have a clear understanding of how to present the brand that is YOU!

Now, get out there and Get Famous!

Post by Dennis Erokan, Placemaking Group founder and president

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