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Build Brand Loyalty Through Community Outreach

Building a brand involves connecting with a community that will become loyal to you. That’s especially true when you are a local business relying on consumers in your city or town to uphold your reputation and keep traffic coming through the door.

A community that speaks highly of your business or organization serves to get the word out and convey your key messages. So give them something to talk and tell others about that means something to them. Keep your brand in front of them by telling your story — in a relevant way – through a combination of traditional media and social media.

Tips to help you create the right community outreach.

  • Be sure your outreach to the community is relevant to your target audience
  • Connect what your community cares about with your brand
  • Plan your outreach enough in advance so that your news can be listed in local papers

For Example

Alameda Pediatric Dentistry & Pleasanton Pediatric Dentistry is a good example of how community involvement makes good marketing sense. Recently we helped get the community involved in the dental practice’s Halloween Candy Buy Back event. Sponsored by Operation Gratitude, the event collects donated, unwrapped Halloween candy to be sent in care packages to overseas troops.

Over the course of two and a half weeks, we informed the local Alameda and Pleasanton communities about the event, and the importance of good dental health, through press releases sent to local newspapers, postings on online local news sites such as, blogs and radio station websites. We posted about the event several times a week on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and engaged the dental practice’s community to share the news with their social media and online communities.

This mix of traditional PR and digital outreach resulted in over 500 pounds of candy being collected which is sure to put smiles on the faces of the military troops who were sent the treats.  It gave the children and families who donated Halloween candy a sense of satisfaction. It also is clear proof to the pediatric dental practice that a community supports them and will uphold their brand.

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  1. Priscilla Esparza

    I think this a very helpful and effective way of building brand loyalty! You are helping out your local community while at the same time making your name presence in the area. By building brand loyalty this way, people are more likely to go to your place and talk positively about your practice or company.

  2. I love this idea! Creating brand awareness and loyalty is incredibly important to the success of any business. Coming together to support a common cause (in this case, the military) is a great way to build strong brand associations within the eyes of your target consumers. It’s a positive message to kids in giving back to their community and the importance of dental health; I’d say this is a “win-win” for all!

  3. Kayla Bongay

    I agree with the idea of mixing new outreach techniques combined with more traditional forms, especially when outreaching to specific communities/towns. It is important to know and understand your target audience to be able to increase their loyalty. The idea of mixing the outreach I think can draw in your target audience very effectively. Using some traditional media can show that there is still some tradition, especially in regards to particular communities. Furthermore, using more modern techniques can show that there is also still some growth and new ideas forming within the community. It is as if the brand is growing as time (and the media) develops, just as people of the community (the customers) grow and develop with that time as well.

  4. Allison Aills

    Community outreach is a great way to build brand loyalty. Choosing the right way to reach out is what can be tricky. I feel as though a lot of thought and research should go into each community outreach program. It looks like Alameda Pediatric Dentistry & Pleasanton Pediatric Dentistry picked the perfect outreach program!

  5. Allie Smith

    A loyal community is essential to building brand equity and having loyal customers who speak highly of you. It is important for a company to understand that their outreach to the community has to be relevant to their desired target audience, has to connect what your community cares about with your brand, and you have to plan your outreach is advance so that your news can be listed in local papers. The example of Alameda Pediatric Dentistry & Pleasanton Pediatric Dentistry was an excellent way to illustrate this.

  6. Such a great idea! Alameda Pediatric Dentistry & Pleasanton Pediatric Dentistry seemed to make great use of the community outreach tips listed. Not only was the event a great cause in supporting the troops, but was a perfect reflection of what these businesses stand behind in promoting good oral health.

  7. Natalie Farias

    Community outreach is very important for small, local businesses to build brand loyalty. I think it is refreshing to see a member of the community promote their business and specifically target other members of that community. Rather than seeing big name companies just trying to make a sale. Making a connection with people in your community benefits you and your clients.

  8. Jennifer DaRosa

    I think that community outreach is a great way to build brand loyalty. A company needs loyal customers to survive in business so why not start in your own backyard? Community outreach just seems like the perfect way to build a brand and customer base.

  9. Whitney Lancaster

    A business needs loyal costumers to survive and customers want a business that they can depend on. Putting on a community outreach event let’s consumers know that you are not only interest in getting their business but you care about the greater good.

  10. Ellen Cowperthwaite

    Community outreach is essential when building brand loyalty for your company. I agree that a community that speaks highly of your business or company helps get the word out and convey your key messages. With so many local businesses struggling in these hard times, the community reputation is a big deal and important for your company. I think it is a great tip to tell your story through both traditional and social media so the community/customers can relate or feel like they are closer to your company. I think it is great advice to connect what your community cares about with your brand so it matches up your target audience with your business or company.

  11. Adriana Traum

    It’s great when there’s a win/win outcome, which I’m sure also builds stronger community support. Better yet, involving the community in an interactive way that also supports a good cause gives a lasting impression of the company.

  12. Naila Eissa

    Community outreach is definitely essential for brand loyalty. In order for companies,restaurants, small business, etc. to thrive, they need to give back to the people that bring them their success. Community reputation is definitely a big deal. If you have a good reputation in your community, then your brand will not only be recognized more, but people will begin to recommend it to their friends etc. bringing more and more customers.

  13. Sherif Hamdy

    Reaching out to the community is a tremendous way to evolve the company’s brand because a lot of people care about their environment and appreciate care and the sense of ‘giving back to the community.’ Therefore by being thoughtful and coming up with ideas that would support the community really helps companies/clients.

  14. Alex Plascencia

    If there’s one way to gain loyal customers it’s to show them that you care about them. By giving back you are letting them know that you aren’t just in business for the money. And for this act of caring you get customers that will speak highly of you and that will bring more genuine customers to your business.

  15. Vina Giang

    Buying candy was a great way for the dentistry to get outreach, this reminds me of when I was in Mexico, volunteering and we bought all the kids toothbrushes as well as candy because once they eat the candy they can remind themselves that they need to brush their teeth! Having a event is always good to get brand awareness and this was a great idea.

  16. Isabelle de Laperouse

    Brand Loyalty is essential for a company to thrive, especially in this economy. It is also important to gain brand awareness however, if you don’t sustain your brands initial objective the company might loose previously loyal customers so it is important that the company does not change its branding approach when trying to gain more customers. This dentistry outreach I think was a great way in gaining good press because they are promoting the kids to eat less candy which the parents must like, as well as giving back to the troops in an uncontroversial way.

  17. Katie Barry

    Community outreach is a good way to build brand loyalty. Through collecting leftover Halloween candy, this dentistry was able to support our troops overseas. More companies should get involved in the community and bring awareness to certain issues. Having an event such as this was a great idea!

  18. James Palmer

    Community involvement is very important to active consumers. It’s attractive to purchase (essentially making an investment) in a company that reinvests in its community. A perfect example is Patron. It was once my favorite tequila. This is no longer the case. It is extremely common for alcohol producers to be very active in safe alcohol consumption awareness and other community activities in the communities they are produced in. Patron (produced in Oakland) is noticeable absent in the Oakland community. The businesses of Oakland have taken notice. Stores and bars charge more for Patron than any other tequila (even Don Julio, a superior tequila) in an effort to get consumers to choose a different brand. A lesson for all brands.

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