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Just like BAM Magazine but without the paper.  That’s the new paradigm. If you want to keep up with breaking news, you can’t wait for it to be written, printed and then distributed.

Jerry Seltzer, in his blog post “Extra, Extra, read all about it” writes about how he used to subscribe and read three newspapers. Now he get’s his news online. So, we’re doing the same thing with

Here’s what Jim Harrington reported today… BAM magazine will return as website – San Jose Mercury News

From 1976 until 1999, BAM (Bay Area Music) was a free bi-weekly music magazine that I founded and published.  Back then, BAM covered the music, the musicians, and the culture of the San Francisco Bay Area music scene during what some would call the coming-of-age period of Bay Area Music. will be a constantly updated website about everything Bay Area Music.  Every Thursday, subscribers (who have subscribed for free, our tag line was Always Free) will receive a BAM BLAST containing all the music that is happening in the Bay Area for the next week and the top Bay Area Music news covering multiple music genres.

Celebrity BAM BLOGGERS covering the San Francisco Bay Area music scene today will be KMEL’s Chuy Gomez, KBLX’s Sterling James, KRTY’s Nate Deaton, DJ Mark Angelo, Photographer Pat Johnson and others. And that’s just the beginning.

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  1. It is impossible for those who did not read BAM to realize the effect it had on the concert audience and the musicians in the Bay Area. At that time that Bay Area was one of the nation’s leading music hot spots, and as the “Ticket Seller” for the Bay Area at that time, and BAM certainly was a unifying source, and “The Bammies” the music event of the year.

    Thank God Dennis is bringing it back for all of us!

  2. Eric Johnson

    I still remember very clearly how excited we were the first time my band had a full page ad in BAM magazine and how many people show up due to that ad. So happy to see it coming back! Thanks Dennis!!

  3. Ed Baxter

    How cool is it to have Bam back. For anybody who has been around here awhile, it is a treat. I hope you guys bring back the Bammies. I remember a couple at the Civic. We even carried them on KGO Radio…a non music station. They were awesome!!!!!!!!!!

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