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The Institute for Social, Search & Mobile Marketing (ISSMM)

Are you looking for a professional organization where the top people in social media and mobile all get together to help each other learn more about this new constantly evolving field of communication? The Institute for Social, Search & Mobile Marketing (ISSMM) is that place. I had the pleasure of giving the lunch keynote talk at the group’s Executive Roundtable last week. And a big part of the pleasure was getting to listen to Charlene Li lecture and facilitate the meeting.

I’ve been touting Charlene’s book “Groundswell” in this blog for the last two years. She’s now come out with another New York Times bestseller, “Open Leadership.”  Charlene is the Founder of the Altimeter Group. She does pragmatic research for some of the largest companies in America, helping them understand social media and all the new technologies that are flooding out of this area.

The breadth of Charlene’s knowledge of Social Media and her easy way of communicating made it a valuable way to spend a day at the Wente Winery in Livermore! I got to give my Get Famous Using Social Media Seminar at the Roundtable, as well.

I would recommend getting to know ISSMM. They are a non-profit “solely dedicated to the facilitation of ongoing education, best practices, and practical implementation of blended social, search and mobile marketing solutions, and related technologies, to enhance both marketer and buyer experience.” They have a major conference coming up  in September called Converge. See you there!

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