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For effective PR, it’s what you do after the story gets placed.

Our PR client, Robin Azevedo of McRoskey Mattress, was the subject of a great article on the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle’s Business section last Sunday.

The great thing about PR is what happens after the story comes out. We all get excited when a newspaper or magazine does a story about us or our company. And you kind of just enjoy the moment. But, that should just be the start.

  • Send the story to all of your clients and prospects. You can’t just think that, because the story came out, everyone will read it. Lot’s of people will, but you want EVERYBODY you are trying to influence to read it. So, get permission and send it to your entire list. Don’t feel that you are being a pest. Think that they’ll be glad to read it!
  • Make sure your keywords are in your answers to the reporter, it helps Search Engine Optimization for people to find your website. Robin and her crew did an excellent job of that. When we tracked the results of the story to the McRoskey website for just Sunday, we were delighted to find that there was an 8X spike for that day, just from Google, with 11,000 page views above the normal day. This is just from people searching for McRoskey because of the story!

So, don’t rest when you get a story written about you. The work is just beginning!

And click here to read the McRoskey story in the San Francisco Chronicle.

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