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A step by step process to become famous using Social Media.

Do you want a great read about how to capitalize on Social Media? Miriam Schaffer, one of our Social Media experts at the Placemaking Group, recommended the book “Crush It! Why Now is the Time to Cash in on your Passion.”

Hey, I’m always interested in reading more about the subject. I bought it and took it to the gym to read while I was riding a bike. Well, after finishing at the gym, I didn’t want to stop reading it. By the way, it’s a quick read. I was done in a couple of hours. It’s written by Gary Vaynerchuk. He’s become somewhat famous online because of his wild style on his video blogs. But, in this book he gives a step by step process on how to personally become famous and why that will ultimately make you rich.

Now, I’m sure not going to argue with that line of thinking. He even has a to-do list where he literally tells you, step by step, how to build your personal brand using social media. He includes all the pieces of Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress blogs. Here are the two major pluses for “Crush It!”… (1) as mentioned, it is a quick read; and (2) the author includes an actual to-do list.

And it all starts with identifying your passion. Gary Vaynerchuk firmly believes that if you’re going to put in all the time, then you should do it about something you absolutely believe in. And I absolutely agree with that.

And just for fun, here’s an example of his video blog where he takes on Howard Stern. According to Vaynerchuk, when Stern got famous in the world of FM radio in the 80’s, he did it exactly right for those times. However,  Stern is currently totally missing the boat on Social Media. It’s worth watching.

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  1. Jennifer Hazlewood

    This post is a great way to enforce branding yourself. Personal branding is a huge thing these days and in watching this link, it totally embraces the importance of why identifying your passion is key. I have learned a lot on this topic with recent job interviews – how to sell myself to employers through personal branding. This post is great not only on a personal level but also on an organizational level. Self-branding is important, and in conquering it effectively, one can be successful in any endeavor.

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