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A Logo Adds to Branding, Identity, and Economic Development.

Do you have a sense of what a logo adds to the branding of a city? I asked our designer Deirdre Spencer her ideas on City logos…

A strong logo is the cornerstone of a city’s visual identity, having a significant effect on the overall economic success of its downtown and businesses.       A city’s brand can communicate the unique attributes of a neighborhood and its character, ranging from tradition and history to openness and modernity. As part of a greater positioning strategy, it can create a cohesive feel that defines successful shopping districts, promoting tourism and economic development and enhancing the perception of a city.

Here’s a few we at Placemaking Group designed, Benicia, Danville and City of Fairfield…

City of Benicia:


We created “Benicia:  A Great Day by the Bay,” to serve as a tagline and a headline. We designed a logo that featured abstract shapes and colors to emulate art glass, representing the city’s thriving artist community.  Benicia now has a roadmap to position itself as a great place to visit and offers the day-tripper an ideal mix of activities, for a Great Day by the Bay.


Danville logo

The Town of Danville, in collaboration with the Danville Area Chamber of Commerce, needed a marketing program to promote Danville as a unique shopping destination of choice. We created a logo to build recognition for Danville’s retail choices and to make it the preferred shopping destination for local and regional consumers, generating more business and revenue for downtown and the entire area.

City of Fairfield:

Fairfield needed a brand message that would draw businesses to locate or move to Fairfield. Starting with the creation of a new logo and Web site directed towards businesses, City of Fairfield’s new look was incorporated into all new advertisements and marketing materials, with incredible results.

There have been some interesting conversations on recent redesigns for major cities’ logos discussed at Brand New, a blog on corporate and brand identity work. (Search for “city logos,” “city development,” or “economic development” and see comments for spirited discussion on the relative success of each project.)

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