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The power of an integrated marketing campaign.

Big splash or ripple… which do you want? You know, the trouble with analogies is they can have different meanings to different people. The lead topic in our most recent email is about the Power of Integration. Our solution is an integrated marketing campaign, not a one-time big ad. An entire, well thought-out plan, can have a significant impact. One that sends waves as opposed to a few ripples! I agree that the one-time big ad gets NOTHING done. Or at least, next to nothing. Unless the big ad is the Apple 1984 spot that ran one time during the Super Bowl and made the Macintosh famous!

Our thinking is to make the biggest splash – or the greatest impact – one has to plan out the entire campaign and not hope that a one shot will do the trick!

Here’s the message … from Joy Montgomery — I was troubled by your analogy. When you skip a rock, it can go a long distance and make ripples for that entire distance, affecting the surface of the water and the things floating on it over time and distance. It’s only when you drop a rock or pebble that it makes a single splash. Your graphic is of a single splash from a rock or pebble being dropped. My brother and I could sometimes get a really nice, flat rock to skip as many as ten times and travel a long distance up the river, leaving concentric, growing ripples in multiple spots. It seems as if a marketing campaign is much more like skipping a rock than dropping one for that single splash, no matter how big the splash is. You mentioned skipping but show and talk about dropping.

A while back, APICS spent their entire advertising budget for a new certification they were introducing on one full page ad in Fortune magazine and waited for results. The results were lackluster. More results were gotten by word of mouth within the community and people pursued the certification but the word never really reached the people who were likely to hire the people with the new certification. It went unnoticed in the business community and wound up being discontinued after members invested time and money pursuing the very useful and very marketable skills. One big splash that had no benefits in the long run (or is that the wrong run?).

Joy Montgomery
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